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Globalisation of reward

International HR is no longer just about managing expatriates but about responding to the needs of all types of employee in multiple locations globally. There are many smaller businesses located in different countries as well as traditional multinationals..

The reward balancing act

Reward management involves balancing number of potentially conflicting priorities and assessing the impact of factors related to the role, the organisation and business priorities. 

Value from reward in times of austerity

The principles of good reward management are even more important when times are tough because of the need for value. 

Reward strategy: What are the benefits of a global approach?

For businesses that have operations in more than one country, managing their global workforce can become a complex task. XpertHR talks to three experts to find out how organisations manage reward in an international context.

The reward manager’s role in the new economic order

Recession has implications for various aspects of the reward professional's life - including executive reward, governance and engagement as well as how reward is managed. This may affect the nature of reward roles in future. 

Exelsys HCM Detailed Functionality

Discover how modern HR technology can enhance an organisation’s performance. New features include an improved user interface and a mobile app that ensures access from any device; as well as OData analytics and enhanced reporting capability to help gain business insights from your data.

Cloud based technology and scalability mean that the benefits of simpler, more effective HR processes are accessible to organisations of any size at exceptionally low cost. 

Exelsys HCM 2016 Development Roadmap

Exelsys is being continually developed to reflect customer requirements and to leverage the technology. This roadmap outlines our plans for 2016. 

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